Fraud & Dispute Resolution policy

ResellerBin has defined basic guidelines for users to abide by. Any breach in the contract and unethical or deceitful trade practices will be termed as fraudulent and the same will be taken with utmost seriousness.

Definition of severe dispute:

  1. No goods received after full payment.
  2. No payment received after full delivery.
  3. Products received are not as described, for example:
    • only an empty box received.
    • Ordered a “X” product but received a “Y” product.
    • Ordered original products but received fake ones.
    • Received less than the quantity ordered or short shipments.

Definition of general dispute:

  1. After-sales service problems - e.g. problems related to length of warranty.
  2. Problems related to product / service.
  3. Received damaged / non-working products.
  4. Problems related to logistics/shipping fees.
  5. Problems related to documentation - e.g. FDA etc.
  6. Taxes/detained shipment at customs.
  7. Contractual issues - e.g. according to the contract, the buyer should have made a full payment before delivery, though actually only a partial payment was made.

Resolution by ResellerBin

We will resolve the case based on evidence provided by both parties. After a stringent review by our security team, a decision will be made which will be conveyed to both parties. In the duration of the dispute, the complainant can withdraw the complaint at any time.

ResellerBin, after considering the evidence, may terminate, suspend and/or blacklist the guilty supplier's account in severe dispute cases, or post the complaint case record on the ResellerBin fraud or dispute blog, till resolution of the problem in general dispute cases.

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