By participating in the ResellerBin.com Partner Program (“Program”), it is understood that the partner is a reseller or engagement of a (VAR) or reseller company or entity registering the partner application (“you”) agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions below (“Agreement”),unless otherwise specified by ResellerBin.com. Please print a copy of this Agreement for your records. Completion of the reseller partner request does not imply that you have been accepted as part of the ResellerBin portal, but is subject to Terms and Conditions of ResellerBin or its portal administrator or any legal entity controlling, controlled by, or under common control with ResellerBin.


Throughout your participation in the ResellerBin Program, you/applicant must be in compliance with all Terms and Conditions of your contracts with ResellerBin, including without limitation, this Agreement and all of the other agreements referred to in the portal.

  • Maintain good standing with ResellerBin.com Terms and Conditions.
  • Maintain a current and updated registration profile for any change that may affect your business participation.
  • Meet other criteria required by ResellerBin’s background verification check and results satisfactory to ResellerBin at its sole discretion. You authorise ResellerBin to investigate and agree that ResellerBin and its contractors or its agents may require to investigate your company’s market standing at the time of the background verification checks.

2. ResellerBin portal access

Your use of the ResellerBin portal is subject to (a) this Agreement, (b) Terms and Conditions governing the use of the portal and any additional terms within the ResellerBin portal. You (reseller/reseller administrator) will create company user IDs and passwords and provide access to your employees and that will allow you to access the portal. You are responsible for keeping your passwords confidential and ResellerBin recommends that you change your password regularly. You will be responsible for all broadcasts and transactions originating from your account. If you believe an unauthorised transaction has occurred in your account, please notify your ResellerBin’s Trade Manager handling your account. You will not grant any third party access to the ResellerBin portal without prior written approval by the concerned Trade Manager. Registered partners will have access to all the search tools, market intelligent reports, statistical reports of the portal to help the ResellerBin partner to enable quick and right decision making on the changes. This visionary decision making is based on the reports which increase the speed/integrity/efficiency and target reach of the co-members or partners.

Registered Partners will have access to all the search tools, market intelligent reports, statistical reports of the portal to help the ResellerBin.com partner to enable quick and right decision making on the changes. This visionary decision making is based on the reports which increase the speed/integrity/efficiency and target reach of the co-members or partners.

Terminate your participation or your profile in the Find a Partner tool if any of the information provided is inaccurate, false, out-of-date, or incomplete. ResellerBin reserves the right to change or discontinue the Find a Partner tool at any time.

3. Contacting premier and preferred partners

In order to provide the best reseller partner experience, ResellerBin shall connect and contact you regarding special offers, promotions, newsletters and any beneficial information related to the reseller improvement programs and association.

4. Administration.

You will maintain and update true, accurate and complete (your reseller company) information. If it comes under the purview of ResellerBin that a member of the portal does not conform to program rules, including without limitation, this Agreement, ResellerBin in its sole discretion will take appropriate action. ResellerBin may warn or at times without prior notice, immediately suspend or terminate your participation in the program, if found to be using the portal services inaccurately, fraudulent broadcasts or information, or if you engage in activities that may cause damage, embarrassment or adverse publicity to other Reseller members or one or any of its directors and employees. ResellerBin shall intervene for any dispute resolution, shall have a final say, shall be authoritative and conclusive for purposes of dispute resolution between any issues under its sole discretion, issue the verdict and reserves the right to interpret the rules of the program. All decisions made by ResellerBin are final.


You will comply with all Terms posted to the ResellerBin portal, including but not limited to, the following:

You agree that trademarks, use of the ResellerBin logo in all your email signatures may be used as a ResellerBin portal member. Internet domains, logos, artwork and other symbols are associated with ResellerBin and shall remain ResellerBin’s possessions. You may use the ResellerBin logo as a portal member in your website or portal as affiliated/associated member and acknowledge the Terms of Use.

6. Business conduct

You will comply with all applicable federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations governing your participation in the program. In addition, at all times you shall conduct business in a manner which reflects favourably on the products, services, goodwill and reputation of ResellerBin.

In your marketing and sales of products and services, you will conduct your business in an ethical manner and avoid any business practices that may be perceived as deceptive, misleading or otherwise improper. In connection with trading activities related to ResellerBin B2B services, you will comply with all applicable marketing communication laws and regulations stipulated by the portal policies and such as but not limited to the international Anti-Spam Law.

7. Indemnification.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, you shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless ResellerBin and its affiliates, and their respective successors and assigns from any claim, demand, cause of action, debt, or liability (including reasonable attorney or legal fees, expenses and court costs) arising from (a) your breach of this Agreement or (b) your conduct related to the program.

8. Limitation of liability

You acknowledge that your participation in the program is strictly voluntary. In no event shall ResellerBin be liable for any loss of business, income, profits or for transactional losses. ResellerBin shall have no liability for any consequential, special, punitive, incidental, or indirect loss or damages.

9. Termination and account on hold

You may withdraw/or put your account on hold from the portal at any time by informing ResellerBin through an email to the respective Trade Manager in engagement with the company.

10. Reseller partnering benefits

ResellerBin may choose to make certain information we collect about your business available to companies with whom ResellerBin has a strategic relationship, which would benefit the reseller community as a whole, providing strategic leverage and benefit of cost to the reseller community as a whole which ResellerBin believes may be of interest and profitable to you.

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